The past couple weeks proved to be difficult for my beta fish, Bird. He got sick and did his best to fight it. Last Sunday, while I was making dinner he did what I saw many of my hospice pts. do: He rallied. And it was quite the rally. He would swim up to the top, but then would sadly sink to the bottom as though all the energy had been taken out of him, yet he would do it again. Somehow he rallied enough energy to do a full sprint all the way around his bowl. As he crossed his finish line, he, once again, let himself sink to the bottom of the bowl, but this time he took his last two breaths and died.

Bird and I first met about 3 1/2 years ago. He was in the pet store, and I was in the market. He was a beautiful blue, with a slight red streak in his tail. He was perfect.  He came home with me and we began our life together.  At the time, I was living in Salt Lake, but shortly after I moved up to Logan, with Bird by my side.  We moved back to Salt Lake after about five months, and stayed there for awhile.  He did pretty good with each move, although he was always eager to be released into his bigger home, rather than his small carrying case.  He was accepting of when we let another man into our lives when Tyson & I got married.  Bird liked Tyson, but I could tell I was always his favorite; whenever I would come near his bowl he would always come up and wave to me and it always appeared that he was excited to see me.
He then made the long journey from Utah to North Carolina with us, but he even took that trip well.

It really was just the past two or three weeks that he was clearly sick.  I knew he wouldn’t make the trip back to Utah, but he was still hanging on.  He fought long and hard, but I think he knew that we were moving, so he let himself die.

He was a sweet fish, and I already miss his little hello waves.  Monday morning we had a little funeral for him.  He buried him in-between a grove of trees, and of coarse, a few words were said.  It was lovely.  He is missed, and he was a good fish.


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