The ABC’s of Me

From July 13, 2009 to July 13, 2010 I was embarking on a journey.  Each day for that entire year, I took a picture of myself.  I did all sorts of things, from painting my face, to using a cell phone camera to take a picture of my hand, to jumping, to setting up an elaborate shot, to …  The list is endless.
This year was full of learning experiences; not only learning how to become a better photographer, but I learned a lot about myself as well.  I had many experiences that really put me to the test, and although many of them were difficult experiences, I know they have made me who I am today…  (Which brings me to this project.)

I’ve decided to start another project.
The title of the project is “The ABC’s of Me.” I will be going through each letter portraying (or trying to portray) something that is important to me, or something that makes me who I am today.  Unlike my 365 Project, I haven’t set a timeline for myself.  I don’t have to take a picture every day, or every week, but I know it will get done.

I always love comments, and am always looking to learn.


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