A is for Absolute and Air

A is for Absolute and Air

[ab-suh-loot, ab-suh-loot]
1. free from imperfection; complete; perfect

3. overhead space; sky

I chose “absolute” because in this moment, right now, I am perfect. Yes, I am learning. Yes, I am growing. Yes, I am becoming a better person. And yes, there are things in my life I know I could be, and should be, better at. But I am perfect. I am perfect and I know that I will be who I eventually want to be and who I am supposed to be.
As I look back on various experiences in my life, I can acknowledge that each of those experiences have made me who I am today, and those experiences were perfect for me. I know that I am perfect now, and that the experiences I am having right now are perfect for me.
I am becoming who I want to be.
I am becoming who I’m supposed to be.

I chose “air” because it gives a sense of being free: Free from judgement, free from fear. Also, air, sky, space, feels open, beautiful, relaxed, and powerful. It feels present, in a “right here, right now” way. The same type of presence I try to practice each day.

Being absolute and present in the air are two lessons I’ve learned that keep coming up again and again in my life.
It has made me who I am.

(See bigger image here.)


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